Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Georgia Persky, RN, BSN, MBA, Ph.D., presents frequently at conferences and other meetings. Here you will find a sample of her public speaking engagements.

    1. Persky, G. “HIPPA-Use, “Misuse and Compliance in Healthcare” New York Law Journal Summit, New York, New York. October 2015.

    1. Persky, G. “Relationship Based Care and Caritas”. Caring International Research Collaborative STTI International Research Congress Cancun, Mexico July 2011.

    1. Persky, G: “Caring Factor Study NYP/Methodist Research Symposium October 2011.

    1. Persky, G: “The Relationship of Environmental Turbulence and Patient Satisfaction”. NYP/Methodist Research Symposium New York Academy of Medicine October 2011.

    1. Persky G: “Leading in an Academic Medical Center. Wound and Vascular Symposium March 2011. New York, NY.

    1. Persky, G. “Complexity Science: Understanding the Transformation of Organizational Culture. AONE Annual Meeting San Antonio Texas July 2009.

    1. Persky, G.  “Relationship Based Care Model”.  Brown University/Rhode Island Hospital May 13 2008.

    1. Persky, G.  VHA Broadcast Return to Care Series “Relationship Based Care” Dallas TX. September 24, 2008.

    1. Persky, G.  “Transforming Care at the Bedside:  Relationship Based Care”.  NYONE Annual Meeting Tarrytown, New York October 20, 2008.

    1. Persky, Georgia “Relationship Based Care: Impact on Safety, Quality and Satisfaction”. Sigma Theta Tau-Alpha Zeta Chapter Keynote May 2007.

    1. Persky, Georgia “Relationship Based Care” “Summit of the Sages” University of Minneapolis, Minnesota October 2007.

    1. Persky, Georgia “Inspiring Effective Collaboration: The Key to Effective Patient Centered Care. GNYONE. March 2006.

    1. Nadler, Georgia,* “It’s Never Too Soon To Prepare JCAHO Accreditation” ONE/NJ Somerset Hilton, June 1995 and 1998.

    1. Nadler, Georgia,* “Charting the Course: A Uniform Patient Record.” ONE/NJ, Princeton, NJ, November 1996 and November 1997.

    1. Nadler, Georgia,* “Managed Care: Outcomes and Automation.” Nursing Computers Applications Network, Eastern Chapter of the Ontario Nursing Informatics Group, May, 1995.

    1. Nadler, Georgia,* “Clinical Automation: The Pathway to Outcomes Measurement.” Inside Healthcare Computing, June 25-28, 1995, Washington, DC.

    1. Nadler, Georgia,* “Outcomes Management made Smarter not Harder.” Annual Meeting American Organization of Nurse Executives, April 8, 1995.

    1. Nadler, Georgia,* Thirteenth Annual National Nursing Computer Conference, Rutgers State University, April 19-22, 1995.

    1. Nadler, Georgia,* Nursing informatics 1994 “Managed Care: Outcomes and Automation.” San Antonio, TX, June, 1994.

    1. Nadler, Georgia,* “The Challenge of a Patient Outcomes Evaluation System” Fairleigh Dickinson University School of Public Administration. MPA Nursing Management Symposium, April 1993.

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    1. Nadler, Georgia,* Summer Institute Nursing and Healthcare, University of Maryland, July, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996.

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    1. Nadler, Georgia,* “Computers and Managed Care.” Case Western Reserve School of Nursing; 1991.

* Last name changed from Nadler to Persky in 1998.