Interim Management Chief Nursing Officer

Georgia Persky, RN, BSN, MBA, PhD, is available to serve as interim Chief Nursing Officer for your facility, providing continuous leadership during times of executive transition to assure patient care excellence. As a CNO for more than 25 years, Dr. Persky can quickly and effectively assume the reins of management and leadership of nursing or other hospital departments and correct any insufficiencies or implement improvements, while overseeing operations.  The engagement would include:

  1. Assess the current Department of Nursing and Leadership
  2. Review adherences or deviations from Nursing and Regulatory Standards
  3. Assess nurse sensitive data and outcomes
  4. Prepare and implement plans for Regulatory or Accreditation Review
  5. Recruit, screen and interview new leadership candidates
  6. Prepare handoff report/strategic plan draft for new leadership team