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Public Speaking

Georgia Persky, RN, BSN, MBA, Ph.D., presents frequently at conferences and other meetings. Here you will find a sample of her public speaking engagements.

  • Persky, G. “HIPPA-Use, “Misuse and Compliance in Healthcare” New York Law Journal Summit, New York, New York. October 2015.
  • Persky, G. “Relationship Based Care and Caritas”. Caring International Research Collaborative STTI International Research Congress Cancun, Mexico July 2011.
  • Persky, G: “Caring Factor Study NYP/Methodist Research Symposium October 2011.
  • Persky, G: “The Relationship of Environmental Turbulence and Patient Satisfaction”. NYP/Methodist Research Symposium New York Academy of Medicine October 2011.
  • Persky G: “Leading in an Academic Medical Center. Wound and Vascular Symposium March 2011. New York, NY.
  • Persky, G. “Complexity Science: Understanding the Transformation of Organizational Culture. AONE Annual Meeting San Antonio Texas July 2009.
  • Persky, G.  “Relationship Based Care Model”.  Brown University/Rhode Island Hospital May 13 2008.
  • Persky, G.  VHA Broadcast Return to Care Series “Relationship Based Care” Dallas TX. September 24, 2008.
  • Persky, G.  “Transforming Care at the Bedside:  Relationship Based Care”.  NYONE Annual Meeting Tarrytown, New York October 20, 2008.
  • Persky, Georgia “Relationship Based Care: Impact on Safety, Quality and Satisfaction”. Sigma Theta Tau-Alpha Zeta Chapter Keynote May 2007.
  • Persky, Georgia “Relationship Based Care” “Summit of the Sages” University of Minneapolis, Minnesota October 2007.
  • Persky, Georgia “Inspiring Effective Collaboration: The Key to Effective Patient Centered Care. GNYONE. March 2006.
  • Nadler, Georgia,* “It’s Never Too Soon To Prepare JCAHO Accreditation” ONE/NJ Somerset Hilton, June 1995 and 1998.
  • Nadler, Georgia,* “Charting the Course: A Uniform Patient Record.” ONE/NJ, Princeton, NJ, November 1996 and November 1997.
  • Nadler, Georgia,* “Managed Care: Outcomes and Automation.” Nursing Computers Applications Network, Eastern Chapter of the Ontario Nursing Informatics Group, May, 1995.
  • Nadler, Georgia,* “Clinical Automation: The Pathway to Outcomes Measurement.” Inside Healthcare Computing, June 25-28, 1995, Washington, DC.
  • Nadler, Georgia,* “Outcomes Management made Smarter not Harder.” Annual Meeting American Organization of Nurse Executives, April 8, 1995.
  • Nadler, Georgia,* Thirteenth Annual National Nursing Computer Conference, Rutgers State University, April 19-22, 1995.
  • Nadler, Georgia,* Nursing informatics 1994 “Managed Care: Outcomes and Automation.” San Antonio, TX, June, 1994.
  • Nadler, Georgia,* “The Challenge of a Patient Outcomes Evaluation System” Fairleigh Dickinson University School of Public Administration. MPA Nursing Management Symposium, April 1993.
  • Nadler, Georgia,* Nursing informatics – New England Healthcare Assembly, “Current and Emerging Applications.” Los Angeles, CA, January, 1992, Atlanta, GA, May, 1992.
  • Nadler, Georgia,* “Case Management.” New England Healthcare Assembly; Boston, MA, March, 1992.
  • Nadler, Georgia,* Summer Institute Nursing and Healthcare, University of Maryland, July, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996.
  • Nadler, Georgia,* Current Trends and Future Directions “Computerization of Managed Care.” Ernst & Young and New England Healthcare Assembly, March, 1992.
  • Nadler, Georgia,* “Computers and Managed Care.” Case Western Reserve School of Nursing; 1991.

* Last name changed from Nadler to Persky in 1998.