Health Care Consulting Services

Georgia Persky Consulting is a healthcare consulting firm that offers management and clinical care consultation for hospital nursing departments and hospital operational departments. Dr. Persky is available to assess quality improvement programs, outcomes and recommend strategies for improvement conforming to benchmarks. She is also available to assess survey compliance with CMS, State DOH, Joint Commission Standards, Mock Surveys, Clinical Care Standards, Policy and Procedures, and develop educational programming tailored to your specific needs. The consultation services would include:

  1. Assessment/Development of Pressure Ulcer Reduction Program
  2. Assessment/Development of Fall Prevention Program
  3. Reduce Ventilator Associated Pneumonia
  4. Pain Management Improvement
  5. Medication Safety
  6. Staffing pattern analysis
  7. Assessment/Development of Hand Hygiene and Infection Control programs
  8. Performance Improvement Programs
  9. Patient care policies and standards assessment
  10. Comprehensive orientation and continuing education programs improvement
  11. Improve patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores
  12. Improve Perioperative care services, quality and timeliness